ISO Compliance on Autopilot.

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Simplify & automate the ISO 9001 Quality Management compliance process. Built for small businesses.
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AI Generating
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Our AI engine turns your towering stacks of paper documents into sleek, version-controlled digital assets. Robust document management with tracked edits, document approvals and backups will ensure your documentation is always compliant.

Fast track certification.

The sooner you get certified, the soone you can reap the financial benefits. Don't spend 6 months labouring through ISO compliance. Kaiso does all of the boring, repetitive tasks so you can focus on what you're good at - generating revenue for your business.

Compliance, simplified

Kaiso makes the complicated, easy. No knowledge of quality management or ISO standards required.
We break down the jargon and convert complex standards into easy to manage bite-size steps, guiding you every step of the way.

Blitz through ISO 9001 certification in days, not months.

Harness advanced AI, automation and workflow management to reduce certification time by up to 50%.

AI trained by real ISO auditors.

'Kobi' AI is trained on exclusive expert datasets from ISO consultants and auditors. Audit your compliance posture and find gaps in your QMS fast.
Gap Analysis & Action Item Checklist
A.I. Internal Audit Reports
Expert tips and recommendations
AI Process Mapping & Design
ISO 9001 Report Card
SWMS Generated

Generate policies & documents with one-click.

Generate gold standard ISO compliant documents tailored to your organisaion.  
Policy auto-mapping to ISO clauses
One Click Policy Generation
Get expert feedback and tips
Turnkey Q.M.S built for ISO standards

Transform paper into digital assets effortlessly.

BYO existing policies, forms & checklists and let Kaiso AI conversion engine create conformant digital docs.
Instant Digital Document Conversion
Version Controlling & Audit Papertrail
Tracked Changes & Edits
Timestamps & Version Backups
Procurement Policy
Auto-created from PROCUREMENT_2024.PDF

Manage risks & reduce non-conformances.

Resolve non-conformances and implement corrective actions to ensure quality.
Identify harmful risks that could impact personnel and profitability.
Automated communication templates & workflows to reduce management worklod.
Your org
Improve Quality
Tackle Non-Compliances
Mitigate Risks
Automated Gap Analysis
Transform Paper into Digital
AI Generated Policies and Documents
AI Internal Audit
Non-Conformance Tracker

Let AI supercharge your compliance game.

It's also safe. Learn how we keep your data safe.
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